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Check out my sisters Podcast!!!

Hello people… Hope everyone’s doing well. Please take a minute to check out the amazing Podcasts my sister hosts.. She will definitely give you some hope and inspiration!!!Check out my sisters amazing podcasts. Needs traffic. Please please please!

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Thank you for the nomination!!!!

Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange Mind

Thanks to 3 truly fabulous blogger’s – Tracy, Harula and Joe…I have been nominated for 2 awards

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Blog of The Year 2012 (See below for the link to the rules bit :))


I’m proper humbled, chuffed, honoured and surprised, all in equal measure.

Especially as I really love and appreciate their blogs and their writing talents. Please check out their ‘magic snippets’ at the following links

Tracy –

Harula –

Joe –

The rules for VIB require you to list 7 random things about yourself. However, Harula decided to list 7 things that inspire her instead.

I’ve chosen to do the same…seven

1. I’m inspired by community. I believe that it’s a basic fundamental need of most people to be part of a community. The blogs I have nominated for both awards provide a safe, warm, kind and loving ‘giant word bath’…and…

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What do we do?

We work with addicts and people in recovery to inspire and support them to make positive choices.

Our vision is that we can break down the stigma around addiction and help pass on the message that Addicts do recover. Have a wonderful weekend peeps!!!


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Ever feel like 12 step meetings are not working?????

I coach, plain and simple, and the results achieved by those I have worked with indicate a high success rate. I am not a therapist or addiction counselor, I am a recovered addict professionally trained and experienced in coaching success. I am an active member of a 12 and Non 12 step fellowships and have been for years. I work the steps as best I can on a daily basis and incorporate the steps into my coaching practice.But for me there needed to be something more.Something that allowed me to live life,REALLY live life!

Life coaching provided by a recovering addict with strong business and an experienced life background can change your life. Be sure to choose a coach who is a fully trained, experienced and accredited coaching professional. Using the telephone or Skype, coaching can be scheduled into busy lifestyles and can be carried in total confidence.So here’s the question I asked myself for years,Is there more out there then just 12 step meetings?

I coach people, who for whatever their reason, chose not to go to groups or need more than a 12 step setting. I ask the question, “Is there a healthier way for people to live?” Their reasons for engaging a coach (as were mine) are their reasons. The ultimate goal is individual success. Whatever works is the RIGHT WAY for the individual that succeeds, and there is no ONE RIGHT WAY!!

Most addiction professionals are trained to work with acute episodes of addiction in a treatment setting such as a drug rehab center. But as public funding and private money for treatment dries up, all the talk is about recovery support. We know that support must go beyond stabilization of drug or alcohol use and we now know that abstinence is not enough. Although maybe the 12 step approach is not working well for you. This is where I come in.
People want rewarding lives in recovery. That is where addiction coaches can help. We help make recovery worth it by enhancing lives. Good addiction coaching teaches you to co-create so that you can live better. Addiction coaching should also be 1 on 1, be client focused.
Life Coaching For Addiction Issues Helps Addicts Live Better

Coaching is not therapy, and does not replace traditional addiction treatment. However, coaching can complement other recovery related activities and harness the talent of the client to achieve personal success. One of my goals is to be more actively engaged in my life mission: to be of service to others and to do my part in helping increase the rate of success in recovery. But folks, I can tell you from personally working with coaches and being one myself, coaching is not well understood and I hope you find some enlightenment here. Call us anytime at Trulight and we will discuss all the options available to you. Hope you allow us to help you find that “You are your own light”

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Why I’m not “afraid” to work with addicts

Addictions, especially with alcohol and drugs, tend to scare the coaching community. Many coaches are afraid of working with recovering alcoholics and those addicted to other substances. Even though we know as coaches we are not responsible for our client’s choices, there seems to be a shift in assuming responsibility for the client stemming from a fear around what will happen if…? When working with clients on other issues, we allow the client to be whole and resourceful. But when working with clients with addictions, we forget that the methods we use to help our clients make change and take responsibility for themselves will also work when they are in recovery.

What I love about My approach to coaching is that compassion for my clients emerges first. I begin by simply being present with them. I pass no judgment about their behavior.We’ve all done things in our addiction we’re not to proud of. Inside they are dying, and they are crushed. No one is more upset with them and their behavior than they are themselves. By going with them into their hearts,my clients can see themselves and begin to develop the muscles of self management and non judgment. As a coach,my job is not to fix the client. My role is to create the container, the safe space, where my clients can be with themselves, see themselves and begin the work of understanding themselves, so they can find their own pathway to recovery.

This methodology is what we use in coaching every day. With 40% of the population suffering some form of addiction, coaches need to find a way to drop their fears and embrace the concept of recovery coaching. What would the stigma of addiction look like if we approached addiction with compassion and understanding? Our fear arises from what we don’t know about recovery and the assumptions we are already holding about people with addictions. I’m very lucky to be involved in many new cutting edge coaching techniques,and support all 12 and Non 12-step approaches. If your looking for a method of success I’m completely confident we can work out a great plan for you. Please reach out and contact me today at 877-816-4447 It’s your Time when you say it is.Just sayin…..It can be that easy!!!

Trulove & Light Eric 🙂

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What do you do after getting clean??? Hmmmm.. Maybe you should try life coaching :)

Many alcoholics and addicts turn to 12-step programs, which can be found in every city and town in the country. So let me start by saying I’ve been doing a lot investigation into many Non 12-step methods. Some I believe look and sound amazing,others not so much:) But here’s the deal,no matter what you choose or how you do it;It’s the steps you take after you establish a method of staying clean that will insure a beautiful and rewarding journey in recovery.

A twelve-step program is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems. Originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as a method of recovery from alcoholism, the Twelve Steps were first published in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous and have been used to help people overcome a variety of addictions and compulsions. As summarized by the American Psychological Association, the process involves the following:

admitting that one cannot control one’s addiction or compulsion;

recognizing a greater power that can give strength;

examining past errors with the help of a sponsor (experienced member);

making amends for these errors;

learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior;

helping others that suffer from the same addictions or compulsions.

So, once a person has sought and been diagnosed by a substance abuse professional, has entered an informal outpatient treatment program and is an active member of a 12-step group, they are capable of living the productive, successful life they’ve always wanted, right? Not necessarily.

This is where a Life Coach can be the next, logical progression in the individuals return to emotional and Spiritual health and attain a fuller, richer life overall.

Sober clients, just because they are no longing using drugs have not necessarily gained a measure of personal and social stability. Remember, there were likely some self-management and personal responsibility issues that were present before the addiction which may still be there after they have begun the recovery process.

Life coaching may be the ideal next step in the recovery process. Much of what happens in therapy deals with the individual and the past; life coaching focuses on the person in the present and the future. Tapping into those unique strengths that each of us has and finding the pure, unmanifest potential to achieve their desires is what a life coach and the recovering coachee will do. The client in recovery benefits immensely from having someone who hears them, without judgment, and with the intention to help the client make course corrections. The life coach will help the client set reasonable goals and design a new life for himself or herself where alcohol and drugs simply do not fit. Clients in recovery, perhaps for the first time, will learn the power of their own thoughts to manifest their reality; whether that reality is positive or negative.

Once a person has been diagnosed and treated by a professional or is in a 12-step program that helps them identify the antecedents and triggers related to their maladaptive behavior, life coaching could be the next best step in helping the recovering client achieve the rich and full life that they deserve.

Trulove & Light Eric

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